Dancing in the Street 2020 – A Response to the COVID-19 Quarantine

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Video Archive – DW DisDance Party 2020

School of Dancing Wheels, friends and followers learned moves to “Dancing in the Street”, and then tuned into Mix 97.1 FM on the radio or via their website to Listen Live and danced it out with Dancing Wheels. 

Post #1 (originally posted April 15, 2020)

Being stuck at home and away from our friends and neighbors doesn’t have to be a drag. Let’s come together by having a dance party!  Anyone can start by learning this dance choreographed to “Dancing in the Street” by David Bowie & Mick Jagger. Share your photos and videos of you practicing with us, and stay connected for more info about our #DWDisDanceParty. #DancingWheelsInTheStreet  #DancingAloneTogether #InThisTogetherOhio #danceparty #distancedance #quarantinedance #coviddancechallenge #spreadjoynotgerms #inthistogether

Post #2 (originally posted April 22, 2020)

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning the routine to “Dancing in the Street” by David Bowie & Mick Jagger. (If you missed it, see our post from last week with Sara teaching.) Check out this video with Dancing Wheels company members, plus some members of their families, getting their groove on in anticipation of our #DWDisDanceParty! IT IS HAPPENING Thursday, April 30th at 3:30pm. Stay tuned for details! #DancingWheelsInTheStreet  #DancingAloneTogether #InThisTogetherOhio #danceparty #distancedance #quarantinedance #coviddancechallenge #spreadjoynotgerms #inthistogether   

Post #3 (originally posted April 27, 2020)

The Dancing Wheels Company has teamed up with Jeremy James and Mix 97.1 to launch a Cleveland-wide “DW DisDance Party”.  Take our moves to “Dancing In the Street” by David Bowie & Mick Jagger outdoors, breathe in some fresh air, wave to your neighbors, and have fun – all while maintaining a solid social distance by staying at least 6 feet apart as you show off your moves –  and tune in to Mix Nation 97.1 on the radio or Listen Live by going to mix971.fm.com this Thursday, April 30th at 3:30pm to join in the fun. # DWDisDanceParty #DancingWheelsInTheStreet  #DancingAloneTogether #InThisTogetherOhio #danceparty #distancedance #quarantinedance #coviddancechallenge #spreadjoynotgerms #inthistogether

Video 1 – Choreography

Whether seated or standing, anyone can learn all or part of this dance choreographed to “Dancing in the Street” by David Bowie and Mick Jagger.

Video 2 – Company Dancers

Check out Dancing Wheels company members and some members of their families practicing for our DisDance Party! #DWDisDanceParty

Video 3 – DisDance Party!

Thank you for joining our DisDance Party! #DancingWheelsInTheStreet