Level 2 Teacher Certification

Two sit-down dancers and two stand-up dancers participating in a Level 2 Teacher Certification composition exercise.


This 40-hour intensive training for dance educators builds on Level 1 and uses the Dancing Wheels foundational principles and training method as a framework for creative inquiry and advanced practice.

Participants re-contextualize traditional modes of dance partnering and dance-making within a physically integrated environment and hone skills in developing translations for intermediate-to-advanced physically integrated dance classes.

The Level 2 intensive provides continued and advanced certification training for dance educators in the Dancing Wheels methodology. Participants must have obtained a Level 1 Certification as a prerequisite to this program.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate and teach intermediate to advanced wheelchair dance techniques using the Dancing Wheels methodology.
  2. Create a lesson plan for an advanced dance class using Dancing Wheels methodology.
  3. Develop equitable criteria for student assessment in the physically integrated dance setting.
  4. Teach an advanced level dance class (in the genre of your choosing) using the Dancing Wheels methodology.
  5. Apply partnering techniques using the Dancing Wheels methodology.
  6. Apply advanced wheelchair dance techniques with regard to compositional structures.
  7. Translate an existing composition or create an original one using the DW Methodologies.

To receive certification, Level 2 participants are assessed on the established learning outcomes. Certification is for 3 years and would require recertification at 3-year intervals.


Tuition is $1,250

Discount package – $2,250 when Levels 1 and 2 are taken within a year.