Dancing Wheels Dancers

Dancers with and without disabilities performing together on a stage

The Human Body Has No Limitations

Mary Verdi-Fletcher headshot head turned to the side, looking up, soft smile, bare shoulders, fair skin, red hair pulled half back.
Mary Verdi-Fletcher
Morgan Walker headshot smiling with closed lips, looking at the camera, bare shoulders, light skin, straight long dark brown hair.
Morgan Walker
McKenzie Beaverson headshot smiling with head tilted looking at the camera, bare shoulders, fair skin, and long red hair.
McKenzie Beaverson
Zachary Biggs headshot
Zachary Biggs
Angelina DiFranco headshot looking at the camera with a slight smile, closed lips, bare shoulders, fair skin, long curly red brown hair.
Angelina DiFranco
Annette Ellis headshot
Annette Ellis
Willow Freed headshot
Willow Freed
Mayhugh Fox headshot
Mayhugh Fox
DeMarco Sleeper headshot smiling and looking at the camera, bare shoulders, dark skin, short black hair pulled back at the top of his head.
DeMarco Sleeper
Joseph King headshot
Joseph King
Brian Murphy headshot
Brian Murphy
Lasana Kubasek headshot
Lasana Kubasek