Performance Options

On a stage, company dancer Kimberly, who uses a wheelchair, holds the arm of sideways laying partner and company dancer Sara

If Dance is an Expression of the Human Spirit, Then it is Best Expressed by People of All Abilities

That is the fundamental belief behind the Dancing Wheels Company. Considered one of the premier arts and disabilities organizations in the U.S., Dancing Wheels is a professional, physically integrated dance company uniting the talents of dancers both with and without disabilities. Mary Verdi-Fletcher, the first professional wheelchair dancer in the U.S., founded the Dancing Wheels Company in Cleveland in 1980. Born with spina bifida, Mary wanted to offer others with disabilities full and equal access into the world of dance. To date, the Dancing Wheels Company’s inspirational mission has touched over 5 million people through performances, school assemblies, residencies and workshops. Millions more have enjoyed their artistry via appearances on CNN, Good Morning America, and the TV special “Christopher Reeve: A Celebration of Hope.” With a message of inclusion and accessibility, the Company continually expands the reach of artistic possibilities while celebrating the universal spirit of dance.

Mainstage Concert Offerings

For over three decades, The Dancing Wheels Company has offered repertory concerts that are recognized for their quality, diversity, and infusion of eclectic works from nationally renowned choreographers. The physically integrated ensemble of dancers performs works ranging from contemporary to classical that are innovative, enlightening, and entertaining.


This 70-90 minute, full Company concert style performance requires full technical and production accommodations. Typically used as a ticketed event for the general public. Performances may range from a full evening featuring the Company’s extensive repertory selections or one of its enchanting story ballets.


60 Minutes, 6-8 dancers, fully costumed excerpts from any of the mainstage repertory and/or story ballets. This concert is designed to accommodate when full production requirements or time availability is not possible.

Guest Appearance

The 10-35 minute special performance is perfect for galas, dinners, or other gatherings where entertainment is needed. Performances can be tailored to fit specific themes or event ideas.

Keynote Speaking

Dancing Wheels founder, Mary Verdi-Fletcher, is a tireless advocate for the arts and disabilities rights. She pioneered the creation of physical integrated professional dance companies. As someone who has forever changed the way society views the artistry and talents of people with disabilities, she is an inspiring keynote speaker.

Works and Booking

To learn more about our works, view our repertory or full length story ballets.

For more information or to request the company for an appearance, please contact:

Marissa Thomas, Touring Manager | | (216) 432-0306