Community Education

A sit-down dancer moves across the floor in a dance studio with stand-up dancers. Dancers of all abilities wait their turn behind them.

Seeing a need for accessibility to the arts and dance, the School of Dancing Wheels proudly opened our world-class training center for dancers, choreographers, and educators in 1990. Serving over 6,500 students annually, we strive to promote programs that inspire, entertain, and educate. Our core mission is to extend the arts learning experience to all students of all abilities. In all of our classes, we seek to promote self-awareness and self-confidence while embedding lessons of equality and inclusion.

Students learn more than dance technique when working with Dancing Wheels Company & School. They also gain benefits that foster personal and social growth that build fundamental independent living skills. Through the arts, we find that students are socialized with their peers in an open and inviting creative space. While in this open environment, students gain access to explore critical thinking, creative problem solving, and self-awareness. Our qualified teachers work with students because they are passionate about inspiring and shaping creative minds. Using the Universal Design for Learning lesson-planning technique, our classes are pre-planned to ensure each student’s highest level of success is achievable.

What We Do