Individualized Training

A stand-up dancer and a sit-down dancer show individual options for a hinge tip back move


This is a fully customized program for dance educators and/or choreographers who desire an extended and immersive experience in physically integrated dance using the Dancing Wheels training methodology.

This program is ideal for those teaching dance at a college or university, who may be unable to attend our teacher training when it is offered. A customized option can be developed to fit a sabbatical or seasonal break.

A consultative approach will be used to determine the participant’s your current level, your future goals and appropriate learning approaches and timeline. Possible approaches include:

  • Several week-long intensive training sessions with the Company and its primary teachers.
  • Instruction from the Company during a one-year residency.
  • A combination of learning through virtual classes and on-site training in the Dancing Wheels studios.
  • A choreographic residency with the Dancing Wheels Company.

Learning outcomes and a learning plan will be developed and approved by both parties before beginning.


Tuition is determined by agreed-upon learning outcomes and time constraints.