K-12 Programs

The School of Dancing Wheels is proud to nurture the minds of students in kindergarten through 12th grade settings by providing unique opportunities to experience dance and movement in an adaptive and inclusive way. By exposing students to the power of the arts, our unique residencies create a foundation for students to begin looking at the world through different lenses. Effective teaching methods are based on The Dancing Wheels Company & School’s Physically Integrated Dance Training Manual, which is a comprehensive guide for teachers, choreographers and students of all abilities. The pedogological approach creates a safe and supportive educational setting for students to explore, create, and connect in a unique and adaptive way meeting the needs of students of all abilities. All residencies integrate Ohio’s Core Curriculum Standards and may connect to many areas of study including, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math.

Customizable residencies are available and designed to meet the unique needs of your students. From one-day workshops to year-long residencies, The School of Dancing Wheels is committed to finding new ways to engage and infuse the arts into the lives of students of all abilities. It has never been easier to get your students moving and learning through the development of high-quality educational programs for students and teachers.

Pricing is based on the length of the residency and the number of classrooms served. Please contact The School of Dancing Wheels’ Director of Outreach and Community Engagement, Sara Lawrence-Sucato, at outreach@dancingwheels.org for a quote.

See Our Residency Options HereI wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you have done with my class. You were amazing! The kids loved all of the activities and truly looked forward to you coming every single week. Even though the class moaned when they received the ‘homework’ assignment, they always made sure I remembered to pass it out! They have proven their transfer of knowledge when they were able to take Newton’s Laws and apply them to a standardized test question.

Not only were you teaching them science concepts, but you also expected them to work together as well as trust and support one another. These positive social interactions are something my students desperately struggle with on a daily basis. Again, words cannot express enough thanks for this great experience.