Distance Dancing Online Class Series

Distance Dancing Online Class Series

6 week series of classes from May 18 – June 27, 2020

Given the circumstances surrounding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are currently unable to offer in-studio classes at the School of Dancing Wheels. In order to continue fostering deep connections with our students and providing them with access to dance classes for dancers of all abilities, we are introducing our first Distance Dancing Online Class Series for the School of Dancing Wheels!

We have offered a few classes by means of Facebook Live, but the limitations of that platform are such that we could not see and interact with our students. In order to provide an interactive class experience, we will be transitioning to Zoom video conference classes. This will allow our Teaching Artists to see and respond directly to students, as well as allow students to connect with each other. This social interaction is an integral part of taking a dance class, and our students look forward to taking class at the School of Dancing Wheels where they know they will find continued support and friendship from their teachers and peers alike.



Our Distance Dancing Online Class Series is based on a “Pay What You Can” scale. We encourage students to pay what they are able in order to support our work in physically integrated dance, allowing the School of Dancing Wheels and our Teaching Artists to continue offering classes to students of all abilities. Our regular in-studio drop-in class rate is $15.

For students seeking financial assistance for access to our Distance Dancing Online Class Series, please contact the Director of the School, Matthew Bowman.


The registration form linked below is a one-stop-shop for registering online for our Distance Dancing Online Class Series. Users will provide their personal and contact information, confirm their acceptance of our Release of Liability & Image Release, and select their class and payment options.

The form is designed to guide how you select the classes for which you would like to register. Users can choose to register for class(es) according to the current week of the series, or for all six (6) sessions of one or more classes for all six (6) weeks of the series. If you are registering for one class at a time, you can complete the form again as needed when returning for class.

The unique invitation including the link for each class will be sent out 15 minutes before class begins. We request that you register no later than one hour before class begins. If you register within the one hour window before class, we do not guarantee that you will receive the required invitation to access the Zoom video call. In observing proper class etiquette, students are expected to be on time for class, and remain in class for the entirety of the session.

For any questions regarding registration, please contact the Director of the School of Dancing Wheels, Matthew Bowman.

Using Zoom

The Zoom video conference platform is free to download, and can be installed on most smartphones, tablets, and computers. We will not require students to be visible in class, so it is not required that students have a webcam. If students choose to not be visible in the video conference, they will still be able to see the instructor.

When students register, they will be sent a link by email to access their Distance Dancing class at the scheduled time. This will be a unique link that changes each week for each class, so students will need to register for each class that they wish to take. (The option to register for all six weeks of a class is available; students will automatically be sent the link to their next class without having to register again.)

The Teaching Artist for each class may record the class, or a portion of the class, if they so choose. These recordings may be used or distributed by the School of Dancing Wheels at a later date as additional virtual class offerings, thus we require an Image Release in addition to the Release of Liability on the Registration Form.

Zoom can be downloaded HERE.

Thank you to all who participated in our first ever Distance Dancing Online Class Series! Keep an eye out for the School of Dancing Wheels’s Fall Session 2020 schedule, which will include virtual class offerings as well!