Youth Arts Camp

Youth Arts Camp 2019-06-17T21:27:26-05:00

The School of Dancing Wheels’ Youth Arts Camp is back for kids ages 3-14 of ALL abilities!  This year’s camp will focus on the theme of “commYOUnity” and will be filled with lessons of what makes YOU an important part of the community that you live in!

Through movement, visual art and drama, students will explore what makes a community and who our communities are made of. Students will explore the lives of individuals that have made big impacts and most importantly how each student adds to the vibrancy of their own communities! Diversity, individuality, inclusion, and accessibility is at the heart of this year’s theme, and will connect with students of all backgrounds. By popular demand, this year will have pre-camp and post-camp care available for working families on the go!

Sample Schedule:
8:30-10:00 Rise & Shine Pre-Camp
10:00-10:30 Morning Routine
10:30-11:45  Visual Arts
11:45-12:20 Lunch
12:20-1:40 Dance
1:40-3:00 Theater
3:00-5:30 Post-Camp

$275 for Camp Only
$350 Pre-Camp & Camp
$400 for Camp & Post-Camp
$475 for All Day

$50 DEPOSIT DUE JUNE 30, 2019

Limited financial assistance, scholarships, and discounts available. Contact Sara Lawrence-Sucato at or call 216-432-0306.

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Online registration available here.