Level 1 Teacher Certification

Stand-up and sit-down dancers reach their arms overhead in a Level 1 Teacher Certification class


This one-week intensive training is ideal for dance educators. Participants will learn how to apply the foundational principles of Dancing Wheels’ ground-breaking methodologies to incorporate physically integrated in their own dance practices.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  1. Apply their knowledge to instruct students in the historical, social, cultural, and artistic context that surround disabilities.
  2. Apply their knowledge to instruct students in appropriate physically integrated dance terminology and protocols.
  3. Evaluate a dance training and performance space for accessibility and make/implement appropriate recommendations for improvement.
  4. Gain a working knowledge of wheelchair mechanics related to various physical disabilities to teach students how to safely and artistically maneuver a wheelchair in a dance environment.
  5. Create a lesson plan for an inclusive dance class using the Dancing Wheels methodology.
  6. Teach a beginner-to-intermediate level dance class (in the genre of your choosing) using the Dancing Wheels methodology.

To receive certification, Level 1 participants are assessed on the established learning outcomes. Certification is for 3 years and would require recertification at 3 year intervals.


Tuition is $1,250.

The next Level 1 offering is July 8–12, 2024 in Cleveland, OH at the Dancing Wheels Studios.