Board Members:
Susan Joseph, Chair

Meredith L. King, Vice Chair
Stephen Spaeth, Treasurer
David S. Lockman , Secretary

Kerry Agins, Esq.

Wendy Campbell

Donna L. Flynt

Stacy Gay
Thomas P. Gilligan

Maria Jukic
Brian J. Jungeberg, CIC

Kevin M. Kuhn

Bob Marx

Janice McCullough Ridgeway

Mickie McGraw,ATR-BC

Brian Pritchard

Mary Verdi-Fletcher,

President/Founding Artistic Director

John Voso, Jr.

John Wright


William Dorsky

Rabbi Michael A. Oppenheimer

Kevin Rhodes


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Mary Verdi-Fletcher, President/Founding Artistic Director

G. Michael Bargas, Marketing & Public Relations Manager

Kelly Clymer, Social Media Manager
Dana Kuhn, Manager of Development and Communications

Catherine Meredith, Rehearsal Director

Emma Parker, School Administrator

Sara Lawrence-Sucato, Tour Manager


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